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Dodo & Moa – Be a Trendsetter!

Bold yet elegant, Funkyyet classy, Dodo & Moa is all about merging extremes, comfortableyetundoubtedly fashionable.

Dodo & Moa is the brainchild of Avyaya Fashiontech Pvt. Ltd.,  one of leading NCR based manufacturers. The core business of the family has been Garment manufacturing & Exports since the past 40 years. Their history of excellence in exports, creating garments for the best of brands out there, came in handy in creating state of the art fashion garmentsfor the domestic market.

Being a fast fashion brand it strives to bring styles that are chic, trendy, catchy, practical, stylish, unique and yet affordable.The garments are full of life and liven up the wearer’s wardrobe. The subtle yet catchy prints mixed with the right silhouettes are quite eye catching. With a hint of casual, party&semi-formal, the brand has everything the new age woman looks for in a brand.

For the women who love to set trends, Dodo & Moa offers a collection of quirky prints, saucy colours and outlandish styles.The brand embodies not only fashion consciousness but high quality make with an emphasis on even the minute details which go into the making of the garment.

Be brazen, be fashionable.

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